Tasmanian cherries ripe for export growth

Tasmanian cherry exports increased by 40 per cent in 2020-21.

What the UK FTA means for Australian apples

Future growth in exports by only a few percentage points would be significant for Australian producers.

$28 million program to improve farm productivity

The program will optimise orchard systems to help produce more fruit and nuts per hectare.

Spray technology reaches new heights in avocados

"Spraying costs have significantly lowered, and crop losses are reduced due to better spray coverage."

GYP-FLO gypsum still the best!

Fine particle size formulation is ideal for fertigation.

Guide shows importance of pesticides

Reference guide will outline the essential role pesticides play in agriculture, environmental conservation and human health.

NT grower scoops Honey Gold grower award

Good results attributable to intensive fertiliser and irrigation program, and attention to detail.

Decoded genome of little-known disease offers hope for citrus

Benign infection can potentially send medicine into plants.

Zetapack soft solution for Kalafatis Fresh Produce

Zetapack grader is designed for fruits that are not suited to mechanical grading.

Enhancing fruit colour

Increased colour grades across a range of fruit - particularly citrus.

Putting the future of avocados on ice

Cryopreservation aims to preserve important avocado cultivars and key genetic traits.

NT tropical fruit grower expanding durian production

Top end farm also grows jackfruit, pomelo and mango.

CRISPR/Cas technology could enable early diagnosis of citrus greening disease

A US led team of scientists has developed a diagnostic test for early detection of citrus greening

Parasitoid wasps: The focus of a new biocontrol program for QFF

Project focuses on the use of Australian parasitic wasps, or parasitoids, that specifically attack QFF.

Using ‘directed evolution’ to develop a natural tool against Varroa

Potential for Metarhizium fungi to be a chemical-free way of neutralising Varroa mites