Calls for mandatory certification logos on all organic products

Easy-to-recognise emblems on organic packaging would drive consumer confidence.

Identifying wild versus sterile fruit flies

Using isotopes to determine difference between wild and sterile fruit flies.

Going paperless is easy and boosts productivity

Digitising makes life easier and leads to better productivity.

Robot spraying could transform the almond industry

One operator can oversee five machines from a control vehicle using a laptop.

Natural Branding - blue laser in the fight against plastic

A safe and sustainable labelling alternative.

Tips to prepare for future harvest labour

Tips and insight into securing a reliable workforce for the next harvest season.

Managing pests and predators in pistachios

Report aims to demonstrate the impact of insectary plantings on pest management and orchard biodiversity

Powering pollinators to boost almond yields

Many orchards are devoid of floral resources for bee forage and this poses a significant problem

New research protects Australia's precious pollinators

Diversity in crop pollination depends on the presence of flowering plants and nesting opportunities in the landscape.

MARS robotic apple-picker

Robot works autonomously, self-driving through the orchard rows as it harvests.

Avocado will be the best-selling tropical fruit by 2030

Total value of world avocado exports would reach an estimated USD8.3 billion.

Primewest launches Trust with new NSW almond orchard acquisition

Fund launch reaffirms confidence in Australia’s agricultural sector.

Avoiding transplant shock

New system makes nursery more 'worker friendly'.

Wet summer ideal test for erosion research

Projects designed to improve fertiliser stewardship.

The compostable packaging move – will it ‘stick’?

Packhouse tests have begun to assess performance of compostable stickers in shipping and transportation.