The status of plant biosecurity in Australia

Report identifies the greatest exotic pest threats to plant production.

Fine Agrochemicals - PGR specialists

New developments in PGR formulations.

Machine vision system for safe almond grading

A hyperspectral camera for detecting contamination such as aflatoxin B1 - a world first.

USDA expanding importation of citrus from Australia

Three additional areas given permission to export citrus to the United States.

Netting and orchard adaptation for future climates

Adapting to the effects of extreme heat and drier climates will be key to the profitability of orchards.

Lightweight, affordable metal trellis

Metal posts will play an important role in fruit production and installing protection systems.

Bee and pollination industry enters new age of genetics

New resource available to help improve stock of queens, leading to more productive and profitable hives.

Delite Mandarins celebrates its 10th season

Expecting to pick 20 million Delite mandarins this year.

Robotic harvesting in Goulburn Valley

Robot to commence picking apples this year with potential to pick citrus and stone fruit in the future.

Ceres Imaging quadruples efforts in Australia

Aerial imaging company announces new Australian expansion, significant new product releases, partnerships and research.

New fumigant for almonds and other nuts

Fumigant for broad-spectrum control of stored product pests and quarantine pests.

Biocontrol research targets Qfly populations

Biocontrol targets all stages of the fly – egg, larvae, pupa, and adult,

Training dogs to detect citrus canker

Effective detector dogs can protect citrus biosecurity.

Digital platform seeds growth in persimmon industry

Grant will mean better outcomes for the persimmon industry,

Know your pest: weevils

There are dozens of weevil species that attack many crops.