Exclusive licence to market mango varieties

New mango varieties could be on supermarket shelves soon.

Citrus Australia commends government for agriculture visa

The visa will complement the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility program,

A systems approach to fruit fly management

‘Attract and kill’ has proven to be an effective alternative in many situations.

Plant walnuts closer. Unthinkable? Think again!

High-density planting can also be applied to walnut trees.

APT picking technology targets cherry growers

AgPick uses RFID technology and has the ability to read QR codes, bar codes, UHF, individual tags, and other technologies already in place.

Portable test kit for native fruit

On site measurement now available of key market attributes of popular bush fruits like Kakadu, green and Burdekin plums.

Keeping watch on 10,000km of coastline

Plant diseases and pests can enter northern Australia through multiple pathways.

Satellites helping with NT mango harvest

Satellite imagery used to make decisions around logistics, labour, equipment, packing, storage and transport.

Naturalure plays key role in fight against fruit fly

Naturalure is naturally derived, very selective, and attracts and kills fruit flies.

Stress and strain in the cherry skin and cuticle

Parka is a specialist cuticle supplement that repairs and increases the cuticle of cherries.

Growing custard apples using biological systems

Continuous learning leads to success for custard apple producers.

IPM protects macadamia orchards

Macadamia growers will benefit from research to increase nut quality, production and profitability.

Robots for peach orchards

Robot specifically addresses pruning and fruit thinning of peach trees.

Global launch of World Macadamia Organisation

The WMO plans to stimulate growth, and help to solidify the long-term foundations for a strong, sustainable macadamia market.

Ceres Imaging - Prioritising investments with aerial imaging data

Irrigation imagery that is detailed and high resolution.