Get ready for the spring pest invasion!

The warmer weather means insect pests start to become a problem

GrowData app saves time and money

GrowData provide a systems for growers that meets their needs at an affordable rate

Mango shoot looper found in North Queensland

Mango shoot looper could be a threat to commercial mango and lychee production.

Pollen home delivery sweet for honey bees

Researchers are exploring the use of mobile polliniser units to improve cross-pollination in netted apple orchards.

Citrus Australia leads traceability project for high-value exports

Project will utilise tracing technology, isotope testing, cool-chain tracking and orchard mapping to enhance traceability.

Inspired Ag’s harvesting solutions find favour

Bringing together all sorts of innovative equipment to assist hort businesses.

Resilience and profits of high-density jackfruit

High-density production and trellis planting systems to be assessed for their cyclone resilience and production capacity and profitability.

Newer almond fungicides continue to perform

Broad spectrum disease control with IPM benefits.

Data integrity critical for Koala Cherries

"It certainly makes everyone’s day easier."

Exclusive licence to market mango varieties

New mango varieties could be on supermarket shelves soon.

Citrus Australia commends government for agriculture visa

The visa will complement the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility program,

A systems approach to fruit fly management

‘Attract and kill’ has proven to be an effective alternative in many situations.

Plant walnuts closer. Unthinkable? Think again!

High-density planting can also be applied to walnut trees.

APT picking technology targets cherry growers

AgPick uses RFID technology and has the ability to read QR codes, bar codes, UHF, individual tags, and other technologies already in place.

Portable test kit for native fruit

On site measurement now available of key market attributes of popular bush fruits like Kakadu, green and Burdekin plums.