Piece work rate decision threatens to drive best workers away

Decision comes at a time when horticulture is facing an unprecedented labour shortage.

SA Horticulture industry launches ambitious 2030 Blueprint

Fruit fly eradication, workforce development and water security are priorities.

CQU automated irrigation help trees flourish

Automated sprinkler system prevents water-wastage while saving money.

Croplands leads the way in tree spray coverage

Application solutions to suit any size of operation.

Cover crop plantings key to regenerative farming

Project will monitor soil biology, carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixing, fungal/bacterial life and insects.

Trials yield confidence in Qfly trade protocol

Project aims to develop improved scientific methods to guide the design of systems approaches and validate their efficacy.

HLB tolerant rootstocks arrive in Australia

Arrival and trialing of HLB tolerant rootstocks will help to determine if they can deliver under Australian conditions.

Direct freight flights to Hong Kong to boost exports

Flights will help Tasmanian cherry growers in particular.

Ongoing R&D helps stop post-harvest diseases

New post harvest solution for mango.

Using drones makes every drop count

Drones provide insight into irrigation to help improve uniformity in yield and quality.

Macadamia harvest nears completion

Estimated harvest will be close to 54,000 tonnes of nut in shell.

Australian mangoes monitored during export

Data logging and better communication improves fruit quality, value and profits.

Macadamia tree sales continue to grow

Macadamia industry is flourishing with tree sales soaring.

On the ground support for fruit fly management

Victorian government announces $2.9 million in Fruit Fly Strategy grants.

Get a free water stress analysis from Ceres Imaging

Growers can preview the industry’s most popular aerial imagery and data analytics with no risk and no commitment.