Shape your apples and cherries with Regalis Plus

You can get a head start on canopy control for apple and cherry trees this year by shaping your orchard today with Regalis Plus – the ‘smart’ plant growth regulator.

BASF’s horticulture portfolio manager Serge Usatov said it’s crucial to get a plant growth regulator to control shoot growth, without disrupting positive processes like fruiting stimulation and the development of optimal fruit size and colour.

He said Regalis Plus is the smart and simple way to control the shape of apple and cherry tree canopies, allowing extra light in, for even and productive fruit development.

“Regalis Plus is absorbed through plant cells on the leaves of the tree, and interacts with the biochemical mechanisms of the plant. Targeting the final stage in gibberellin production in a plant, it works by controlling shoot growth.

“The late intervention means that Regalis Plus stands out among growth regulators because it has no negative impact on the size and quality of the crop.”

Mr Usatov said there are numerous benefits to Regalis Plus for your cherry and apple trees.

“Regalis Plus allows for improved light penetration through a more open canopy. This results in cherry and apples with a more intense, attractive colour – making them highly appealing to market.

“Not only that, but Regalis Plus increases yields of higher quality fruit by reducing fruit drop and bitter pit.”

After using Regalis Plus, Mr Usatov said fruit is also more uniform and prolific in following years with more light that can stimulate dormant buds on apple and cherry trees.

“Regalis Plus gives you the optimal balance between shoot growth, fruit setting and yield,” he said.

“A more open canopy also makes it easier to achieve good spray coverage and maximise the value of all your crop protection products.

“Not only that, but Regalis Plus results in significantly lower pruning time and labour costs – making it an-all round efficient plant growth regulator.”

Regalis Plus contains built-in water buffers and acidifying agents that activate the product during tank-mixing. It has a fully built-in adjuvant package to improve ease of use of reliability.

Mr Usatov said Regalis Plus is also compatible with most commonly-used pesticides.

“For apple trees, Regalis Plus should be applied in a two or three spray program starting when terminal shoots are 3–5 cm long and then repeated application can happen at three-to-five-week intervals.

“A higher rate can be used on large, vigorous trees. For cherry trees, apply the program in two sprays, three to four weeks apart starting when terminal shoots are 5cm long.

“Spring is just around the corner so you should start planning today for your fruiting season with Regalis Plus – the smart plant growth regulator.”

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