New research on macadamia lace bug

Research looks at lace bug ecology and its natural predators.

New Angler trap for stone and pome fruit

Effective but simple way to control Carpophilus while protecting beneficial insects.

The sound of crickets and grasshoppers is coming

Over 1500 species of this group in Australia.

Katabatic drift explained and how to avoid it

How to locate frost fans and set up your orchard for best effect.

New codling moth product benefits apple growers

New insecticide has great efficacy on a wide range of insects and IPM compatible.

Avoid inking, skin burn and ‘gravel rash’ stains

Applying Parka can provide a protective barrier against ink staining.

Eradication of exotic fruit fly from Torres Strait

Efforts to stop exotic fruit flies from entering the Australian mainland through the Torres Strait will continue with a five-year response plan.

Could biopesticides help tackle Qfly populations?

Entomopathogenic fungi could be a new tool for fruit fly management.

Red fleshed apples

Red-fleshed cultivars contain high concentrations of genetic proteins, antioxidants and natural phenols.

First steps to better organic regulations

Organic Industries of Australia will be advocating strongly for the adoption of world leading regulations in Australia.

Fungicide vital addition to Tassie apple program

Talendo works on three important stages of the powdery mildew life cycle.

Beloukha herbicide for organic growers

Naturally derived herbicide for controlling broadleaf and grass weeds around orchards.

Consider Agrisilica in crop nutrition programs

Trials show yield increases and improved quality parameters with Agrisilica.

Tomra Cascade singulator, a game-changer in cherries

New machine is gentle on cherries and will reduce operating hours and maintenance costs.

Sterile fruit flies gain upper hand in GMV

SIT in combination with area wide management, has resulted in reductions in Qfly trap capture rates after only two years of releases.