Upholding Australia’s water supply chain

The world’s first blockchain-based water market will start in Australia later this year.

Luna Sensation provides avocado disease control

Broad spectrum disease control in avocado.

FMC and RapidAIM announce collaboration

Collaboration will create an accurate pest detection and forecasting service for several key pests and crops across Australia.

Future population trends of the citrus gall wasp

Will CGW continue to rise, or will it come down after some time?

2022 shaping up as a major fruit fly season

La Niña could mean larger than normal development of fruit fly populations.

Register now for Hort Connections 2022

Hort Connections 2022 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6–8 June.

Using bird pellets and automation to protect bees

Innovative approach to protecting Australia's bees.

AquiMax - valuable tool for water management

Improve soil aggregate stability and water retention, and reduce reduce run-off, silt, and ammonia and nitrate-nitrogen loss.

Crop Block protects fruit and nut crops

Prevention of sunburn damage to fruit.

Calcium and silicon ‘an ideal partnership’

Calcium and silicon work hand-in-hand.

Game changer in tree propagation technology

Enhanced efficiency in the planting and grafting of trees.

Program to offer free genetic testing to Australian bee breeders

Bee breeders will be able to prove the strength of specific genetic lines, boosting the value of superior queens.

Avocado tree intensification field day

The DAF avocado team are hosting a field day on the 20th of January 2022 at the Bundaberg research station.

Sivanto - IPM friendly product controls sucking insects

Registrations for use in avocados, mangoes and papaya - and soon to be launched into macadamia.

Longer holding period lifts SIT Qfly results

Longer pre-release holding period, and protein dietary supplements, improved the effectiveness of a Qfly SIT program.