Australian horticulture employers urged not to wait specifically for the Ag Visa

The Australian government recommend not to delay worker recruitment strategies by waiting on the introduction of the 'Ag Visa'

Factory expansion marks 50 years of Croplands

The Quantum Mist is an example of Cropland's cutting-edge technology.

New miticide to help solve spider mite issues

First Group 25 A insecticide in Australia, launching a new class of chemistry into the local horticulture market.

AgPick - GPS picking app for orchards

AgPick Orchard’s design was prompted by growers' objectives to provide accurate timekeeping and productivity records with the coming award changes.

Free genetic testing for Australian bee breeders

Key information provided will include whether stock is showing any signs of inbreeding

UQ offers kickstart for new food creations

Kickstarter Grant program enables businesses to put together their launchpad for food innovation success

Harvest begins on record Kanzi crop

Kanzi apples now grown in 75 orchards around Australia.

China’s Dalian port opens direct sea services to Australia

Direct services now available to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other key Australian ports.

Unlocking your orchard’s production potential

Biostimulants improve nutrient uptake and efficiency, mitigate plant stress and enhance crop quality.

Automated fruit picking system

Award for unique combination of self driving tractors and flying robots .

Australian peaches and nectarines making their way back to Vietnam

Vietnam is a valuable market for peaches and nectarines.

Australian native bee conference

Integrating beekeeping, crop pollination, hive products and research

Potential of pongamia as renewable fuel

New research project assesses commercial potential of pongamia.

Introducing bagMUSTER

Australia’s first not-for-profit, whole-of-industry genuine collection and recycling program for agricultural bags.

Mighty small mites, but mighty big damage!

Mites can spread through your crop almost as fast as flying insects or the airborne spores of fungi.