Biosecurity and marketing boost for chestnuts

Program has commenced that combines the management of the exotic disease – chestnut blight – with a program to expand the market opportunities for chestnuts.

US findings prompt trial success in local almonds

New option for Carob moth and Carpophilus beetle.

Managing variability for performance and profit!

Managing biennial bearing in orchards.

Soil ameliorant boosts waterlogged apples

Serenade Prime is producing higher and more consistent yields and better-quality fruit.

Tasmanian fruit growers push back on minimum rate for pickers

Tasmania's leading industry group appeals Fair Work Commission ruling.

Mango supply chain initiative to benefit growers

New project supports the broader mango marketing programs.

New flexible fungicide for almonds

Provides protection against rust, hull rot, blossom blight, brown rot, among other diseases including anthracnose and shot hole.

'Chemical Use for Export Toolkit' helping cherry and summerfruit growers

Project promotes on-farm chemical use practices that will build export flexibility and ensure compliance with importing country requirements for multiple markets.

Celebrating the importance of pollinators

Australian Pollinator Week raises awareness about pollinators such as bees and native Australian pollinators.

Marquis Macadamias welcomes Bundaberg expansion

Expansion project is in line with the rapid growth of macadamia production in the Bundaberg region.

World-first mango auto-harvester

Auto-harvester has the potential to solve major labour force issues in the mango industry.

Project to get to the core of new orchard technology

Project will evaluate the use of the technology to inform orchard thinning and improve the management of crop loads.

New mode of action in the fight against mites

New miticide to control two-spotted mite in pome and stone fruit.

Labour assist platform improves efficiency

Platform improves harvest efficiency as pickers move to hourly rates.

New sensor for measuring sugar levels in cherries

Non-destructive measurement of sugar levels in fresh cherries.