Luna Sensation effective against avocado disease

New chemistry in rotation for disease management program.

Nitrate fertiliser lowers your carbon footprint

Yara is constructing one of the world’s first industrial-scale renewable hydrogen plants Western Australia.

Updated plant protection guide

The guide is recognised as a respected and valuable reference for temperate fruit industries.

Avocado production steps up across Asia-Pacific

Global Avocado Congress looks at how regional production can help meet growing demand for avocados in Asia.

Six spotted mite research in avocados

Six spotted mites cause avocado trees to shed leaves and expose the fruit to sunburn.

Orchard-Rite: shaker and mover in craftsmanship

Orchard-Rite uses precision technology to manufacture tree shakers for nut harvesting.

New research identifies best mango pollinators

Researchers found a dependency on the presence of native vegetation and flowering plants in the landscape.

Boosting beneficials and biodiversity key to controlling pests

Research into protecting macadamia orchards from pests is beginning to bear fruit.

‘Avo-cargo’ set for Asian markets in win for first-time exporters

Exporters in WA and Queensland are trialling shipping refrigerated containers of avocados.

Trellis systems could pave way for robotic harvesting

Trial is comparing different trellising systems to maximise the capture of sunshine.

Future of mango varieties now with Qld Department of Ag

Queensland's Department of Agriculture is put in charge of commercialising three new varieties.

Growers using drones to make every drop count

Aerobotics has developed insights into irrigation so that early-stage corrections can be made to improve uniformity in yield and quality.

Healthy sugar origin in stingless bee honey revealed

What creates the rare, healthy sugar found in stingless bee honey has been solved by researchers.

Record-breaking olive harvest

Australian olive producers are celebrating a successful end to the 2021 olive harvest.

Ellepot trial shows benefits at Ardmona

Ellepot container-grown trees offer new planting possibilities