Grant to facilitate market expansion for nut industry

Grant will assist with market expansion, diversification and sustainability.

Production growth to power Australian horticulture

Rural Bank provides optimistic outlook for horticulture sector in its mid-year report.

Citrus export demand from China still strong

Despite the challenges growers expected to get reasonable returns this year.

AARSC put on the map with first place in global conference

UNE researchers show the world that research tools and applications developed in Australia are of the highest standard.

Fingerprints show true origins of honey

DNA-based method is a fast and accurate way to identify the floral composition of Australian honey.

TOMRA sorter combines lasers and engineering

New platform will make it possible for nut processors to detect and eject specific types of defects.

'Digital twin' concept boosts food production

Digital technologies offer an acceleration in innovation, potentially cutting decades to days or hours.

PM must deliver agriculture visa this year

Citrus Australia sees the agriculture visa as an important component of the agricultural workforce.

Portable chemistry kit sweetens native bush fruit production

The tool kit can be used to provide information on seasonality, growing conditions and plant physiology.

Agritech Leaders Alliance

Australia has the potential to be a world leader in Agritech.

What are the potential mango pollinators in the NT?

Pollination efficiency of stingless bees and other wild pollinators in mangoes.

Plug and play installation for Zetapack

A cost effective machine providing labor savings and improved productivity.

Latest pesticide resistance management advice released

New release includes herbicide mode of action changes.

Fruit harvesting AI robot

Two-armed robot moves using a self-driving car made from a modified golf cart.

New project to evaluate resilience & profitability of high-density orchards

Systems will assess cyclone resilience, production capacity and profitability.