Harvest begins on record Kanzi crop

Kanzi apple growers are predicting a record crop with this season's volume forecast to exceed 5,800 tonnes, an 11 percent increase on last year.

Good weather conditions and a diligent tree planting program have resulted in a steady and sustainable lift in Kanzi apple supply.

Horticulture Brand Management Australia Pty Ltd (HBMA) general manager, Ms Elisa King said the strong volume of quality fruit would support a longer season and increased availability.

“We’ve had good growing conditions, with orchard regions thankfully unaffected by the recent floods. While a significant investment in netting protected the crops from early season hailstorms,” said Ms King.

“Another key factor driving the sustained lift in volume is our decade-long, tree planting program, which is now literally bearing fruit.

“This will help us keep up with demand and maintain quality supply, with Aussies expected to munch through 34 million Kanzi apples this year.”

Kanzi apples, a blend of sweet Gala and tangy Braeburn, were introduced to Australia 14 years ago and have become a firm favourite thanks to their delicious sweet and tangy taste, a juicy crunch and vibrant red and yellow colouring. Only premium, first-class fruit can be sold as a Kanzi apple.

Kanzi apples are grown in 75 orchards around Australia, including pristine growing regions of Batlow (NSW), Yarra Valley (Vic), Adelaide Hills, Manjimup (WA) Stanthorpe (QLD) and Huon (Tas).

More than 40 Kanzi growers recently met in the Adelaide Hills and toured the Ceravolo and Flavell Orchards, who are fourth and third generation orchardists respectively.

The growers discussed the season, potential markets, orchard insights and attended agronomist briefings. It’s part of HMBA’s collaborative approach to working with growers and setting new benchmarks in quality fresh produce.

“Kanzi is still a relatively new variety in Australia and it’s a valuable opportunity to come together to share best practice learnings with other growers, as well as collectively plan for the future,” said Matthew Flavell, third generation orchardist from Adelaide Hills.

HBMA will support the 2022 Kanzi season with a strategic domestic marketing program. “Our marketing program has worked to grow awareness of Kanzi faster than other IP varieties, but there’s still a long way to go,” said Ms King.

“We have a strong awareness program planned for the season and we are excited to include wide-spread instore sampling nationally, after cancelling many of last year’s sampling initiatives due to Covid.

“Encouraging trial and enabling more people to taste the Kanzi difference is essential to drive purchase and consideration of the premium apple variety.”

While the domestic market is HBMA’s priority, it will also trial exports for the variety that is widely sought after for its distinct bi-coloured skin and high quality.

Source: HBMA

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