Factory expansion marks 50 years of Croplands

Renowned spray equipment company Croplands Equipment is marking its 50-year anniversary in 2022 by expanding its Adelaide assembly plant, enabling it to bring products to market faster for the benefit of Australian farmers.

Croplands Equipment general manager Sean Mulvaney says the expanded facility, situated at Dry Creek, will mean more capacity and greater efficiency for Croplands, enabling faster order turnaround.

The expansion would see the company’s current facility increase in size by 40 per cent and offer new employment opportunities.

“An ever-expanding product range and growing demand for Croplands products has been the catalyst for our expansion at Dry Creek,” Mr Mulvaney said.

“We pride ourselves on being resourceful and adaptable in meeting the needs of our customers and this investment will only increase our capacity to do so.

“The expansion will also mean we have greater stock on-hand to support farmers so they can be as efficient as possible.”

Since its inception in 1972, Croplands has grown to become one of the most popular sprayer brands on the market, servicing the broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, tree crop, compact and home garden sectors.

The company has a long history of delivering practical solutions for farmers across the world which began when Croplands founder Miles Deck developed the original Cropliner air-blast sprayer in the 1970s.

Mr Mulvaney said examples of this included Weed-it optical spot spraying technology for broadacre farmers and the Quantum Mist sprayers for vineyards and tree crops.

“We have recently sold our 15,000th Weed-it sensor, which demonstrates how Australian farmers are chasing the latest technology to drive sustainability and efficiency by only spraying the parts of the paddock that need to be sprayed,” he said.

“The Quantum Mist is another terrific example of cutting-edge technology, with its axial driven hydraulic fans creating a turbulence among the leaves of vines or trees that produces unrivalled coverage and has been a game-changer in vineyard spraying.

“Our equipment is designed to help crops and farmers thrive. Croplands has been owned by Nufarm since 1988, but we continue to be guided by the strong family values that marked our beginning back in the 1972 with Miles Deck and the Cropliner.”

Mr Mulvaney said the collaboration with Nufarm enabled Croplands to support its customers from the machinery and equipment right through to application in the field.

“Through Nufarm, we have a major focus on chemical stewardship and together we hold many SprayWise application days,” he said.

“That means our customers don’t just get the sprayer, they also get the support in nozzle selection and best practice spray application as well.”

In addition to expanding its assembly plant, Croplands will be marking its 50th year with a number of exciting new product releases, with more detail to be revealed later in the year.

“We will continue to partner with farmers across Australia and the world to bring them the equipment they need to be profitable and productive,” Mr Mulvaney said.

“Key to that will be our strong relationships with our dealer network and the back-up of our tech team on the ground.”

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