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Oct. 4, 2020 | 5 Min read
Spraying system with low-power consumption and fans producing high air volumes.

The Singh family have significantly grown their business, Megadeen Farming in the Kennedy Valley about 40 minutes south of Tully in Queensland, through hard work and best practice management. The family operates a 1300-hectare sugarcane and banana farm which produces the environmentally friendly Eco Banana

While David Singh manages the sugar cane side of the business, his sister Kulvinder and brother-in-law Narinder look after the day-to-day operations of the banana farm.

The Singhs have farmed bananas in the area since 1985 and were the first to plant sugarcane in the Kennedy Valley in 1994. Today they produce 70,000 cartons of bananas annually and send more than 60,000 tonnes of cane to the Tully sugar mill.

They've also recently expanded into avocados, planting 3300 trees in the previous two years, with plans for another 2000 trees in the pipeline. Mr Singh’s son Randeep, a fitter and turner by trade, is the farm's mechanic and maintenance man, while younger son Hardeep also manages the farm’s sugar cane harvesting operations.

Megadeen Farming’s merit has been defined not only by a machine’s potential to increase on-farm efficiencies, but also the ability to help the Singhs reduce their environmental impact – a key concern considering their location.

Today, operating machinery is a key part of Megadeen Farming with Mr Singh always keen to invest in new technologies when he see there are merits.

When he acquired the property, he was confident the region offered a diverse range of opportunities, however the pest load required a spray solution that would provide reliable coverage especially for their avocado orchard.

Over significant time, following a review of spray technology options and crop protection applications, one of the first items on the agenda for Mr Singh was to scrutinise what equipment best suited their commercial and business needs.

“Eventually, it was the GreenTech spray system, which stood out from the crowd,” Mr Singh said. “It is different in design, operation and the way it applies fungicides, pesticides and foliar nutrition to tall and mid-sized trees.

“The GreenTech spray system is virtually tailor-made for our application work, producing outstanding high-volume air velocity. “In-cab adjustments can also be made to its fan positioning via adjustable arms, while allowing precise fan angles for tree architecture, affording exceptional coverage.”

Mr Singh cited the flexibility of fan positioning on the unit as well as being able to isolate fans individually to target specific applications as just one of the system’s great assets.

“One of the extraordinary strengths of the product, is that it produces the right droplets for obtaining the best spray coverage with excellent cost savings and reliability,” he said.

The GreenTech brand offers a uniquely designed spray system with low-power consumption and industrial fans producing high air volumes – crucial in all types of tree applications.

The technology has established itself as a spray system of choice, with 4000L, 5000L or 6000L capacity options.

Chances are when you eat your next avocado or banana, or sprinkle sugar on your morning cereal, you can be at ease with the knowledge that the produce could have come from Megadeen Farming and have been protected through its growth cycle using a GreenTech spray system.

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