Silvan Radak sprayer ideal for walnut grove

There is a major revitalisation program occurring in the Australian nut industry, with plantings of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and other nut crops expanding, particularly in the southern states.

But it is often forgotten that in the upper reaches of the Ovens Valley in north-east Victoria, there is a small number of long established, mature age walnut groves.

The Myrtlerise Walnut grove owned by Phillip Darby at Stanley is one of them, where about 3000 walnut trees were planted as early as 1939 and in several stages since.

The grove also has a smaller number of chestnut trees, planted over an area of approximately eight hectares.

When walnut trees reach maturity, they grow to a significant size often with a tree canopy or crown that can be as high as 15 metres.

Walnuts need modest spraying for black spot, scale and codling moth, especially before rainfall events or in wet and humid conditions, but obtaining effective spray coverage into the canopy of mature trees is a real challenge.

Mr Darby has recently purchased a new Silvan Supaflo 2000 litre air assist sprayer fitted with a patented Radak conveyor system that is purpose designed to ensure thorough coverage of the canopy of tall tree crops.

With its air volute design, the Radak conveyor uses the airflow generated by the 920mm fan of the Supaflo sprayer to direct the airflow into the foliage from underneath to aid the spray penetration and coverage.

Silvan Australia’s spraying product specialist Raph Hymus says the Silvan Radak conveyor has become the preferred sprayer choice where it is important to get spray coverage into the canopies of tall tree crops including macadamias, avocados, mangoes, olives, citrus and lychees.

The sprayer is also fitted with an auto rate controller for accurate application and the trailed unit is mounted on a Glideflex suspension for comfortable towing around the property.

The Myrtlerise Walnut grove is a regular supplier of high quality walnuts in shell to a wholesale and retail clientele, as well as through the Melbourne and Sydney wholesale fruit and vegetable markets.

The Silvan Supaflo sprayer was delivered and commissioned by local Silvan dealership McGregor Machinery of Wangaratta.

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