New Angler trap for stone and pome fruit

Leading specialty horticultural supplier, Grochem has launched a new trapping system for Carpophilus beetle in stone and pome fruit.

The new Angler trap from Grochem is a softer option than conventional insecticides for managing the beetle which is a major pest in ripening fruit.

“The Angler trap gives growers an effective but simple way to control Carpophilus while protecting beneficial insects,” said Ben Coombe, general manager of Grochem.

Mr Coombe said the Angler trapping system uses the trap and kill method, with a pheromone attracting the Carpophilus beetle towards the trap.

“As the beetle comes closer, it is drawn to a food attractant located in the bottom of the trap. A cube embedded with dichlorvos (DDVP) then controls the beetle inside the trap.”

Mr Coombe said the Angler trap is easy to use. The clear trap makes it quick to check and monitor beetle numbers without opening and disturbing the trap.

The pheromone is contained in a basket, so it is simple to replace and free of contamination.

The hanging wire allows the traps to be easily moved from patch to patch, protecting early to late varieties.

The Angler trapping system with pheromone bait and DDVP cubes is registered for use in peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries, apples, pears, nashi and berry fruit.

“Stone fruit are particularly vulnerable to Carpophilus beetles as they bore into ripening fruit and create lesions which drastically reduces the marketability of the fruit and makes it more susceptible to disease,” Mr Coombe said.

“The key to controlling this pest is to start early, placing traps in the orchard in spring when the weather is warming up and the pest population is still low.

“We recommend growers talk to their local dealer for advice about how to get the best results from the Angler trapping system.”

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