Beloukha herbicide for organic growers

Organic growers looking for an effective way to manage weeds should consider Beloukha herbicide from Grochem Australia.

Launched in Australia last year, Beloukha is a naturally derived herbicide for controlling broadleaf and grass weeds around orchards, nurseries, gardens, lawns and a range of other situations.

The new herbicide has organic certification from NASAA, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

Grochem Australia’s general manager, Ben Coombe says twelve months since its launch, Beloukha is becoming a popular choice for growers looking for a softer and more sustainable alternative to conventional chemistry for managing weeds.

He said the use of the organic herbicide is expanding in tree crops and vineyards and by local government authorities in sensitive environments.

“One of the key lessons of the past year is that growers are achieving the most effective results with Beloukha by using the higher label rate of 8L per 100L of water applied at 300 L/ha,” he said.

Mr Coombe recommended these higher rates while growers gain more experience of how the product performs in their specific situation and weed spectrum.

Beloukha is fast acting, non-selective, biodegradable and foliar applied, based on 680 g/L nonanoic acid derived from naturally occurring substances found in sunflowers.

It works best on a host of seedling and small annual and perennial weeds.

Mr Coombe said Beloukha has the highest loading of nonanoic acid on the market, which means lower use rates per hectare, fewer drums and more efficient storage and transport.

Beloukha works fast, with visible effects on green plant tissue within hours of application.

“This contact herbicide attacks and destroys the cell membranes of the plant epidermis, causing rapid burndown of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds,” he said.

Established and perennial weeds may require a second application seven days later.

Even though Beloukha is tough on weeds, Mr Coombe said it is biodegradable, breaking down into carbon dioxide and water.

“Beloukha is the softer choice for band spraying in orchards and vineyards, fallow weed control, for general purpose weed control in paths, driveways and around sheds, gardens, ornamentals and nursery stock, as well as for spot spraying in lawns and turf,” Mr Coombe said.

“We are looking forward to expanding the product label in coming months.”

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