Bee Klipp use expands

Bee Klipp has expanded to include use in new crops such as avocado, cherries and cucurbits.

Variety and maturity influence on the bioactive composition of mangoes

Bioactive compounds have actions in the body that may promote good health. In mangoes, variety and maturation may have an impact on the composition of these compounds.

Protecting Australia’s citrus industry

Project is announced that will help to protect Australian citrus from pests and diseases.

Delite mandarins back on the shelves

This season’s harvest of Australian-grown Delite mandarins hit Woolworths stores earlier this month. Nutrano has the exclusive rights to market Australian grown Delite mandarins in Australia and to Woolworths.

Strong start for Tangold Seedless mandarins

Tangold Seedless mandarin undergoes nationwide launch.

EU postpones decision to cut MRL for imazalil

The citrus industry has won a temporary reprieve over an EU plan to reduce the maximum residue limit for imazalil.

Varroa mite Townsville update

No further varroa mites found at Townsville Port since May 2019

The avocado genome has been sequenced

Scientists have sequenced the avocado genome, shedding light on the ancient origins of this buttery fruit and laying the groundwork for future improvements to farming.

Animal carcasses and their flies could be 'the new bees'

Flies are well known to be as efficient pollinators as bees but are not as abundant.

Soil characterisation in Australian apple orchards

By calibrating new data with soil moisture data, growers can know when, how much and for how long to irrigate to supply enough water to meet tree demand, writes Marcus Hardie and Nigel Swarts from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (UTAS).

Is that avocado brown already? Genetic research could help

Avocados are famous for having a frustratingly short period of consumption. They’re hard as rocks for a while and as soon as you try to eat one, they’ve turned to brown mush.

A Robotic Hand With a Human Touch

Soft robots are being developed that may be able to handle fruit.

Defending Australia against Xylella

The number one plant biosecurity threat to Australia is now under the spotlight through a new Hort Innovation funded project.

Indians, Mexicans set for Aussie work under backpacker visa expansion backed by farm lobby

Backpackers from 13 countries are being targeted by Immigration Minister David Coleman as he seeks to find workers wanted by regional businesses.

Quest for custard apple new varieties a long and difficult road, paved with misfires and mutants

A 25-year quest to produce delicious, commercially successful, new varieties of custard apples is inching closer to completion. But the road has been long and paved with mutants.