South Australian irrigators likely to gain 100% allocations

South Australian River Murray minimum water allocations for irrigators have risen to 38 per cent in the latest Water Allocation Statement issued Department for Environment and Water (DEW).

$10M funding injection to support the eradication of Qfly

Australian research into sterile insect technology has been strengthened through a $10 million collaborative project managed by Hort Innovation, with significant cash contributions by Western Sydney University and the Government of South Australia.

New funding to keep exotic fruit fly at bay in FNQ

The Queensland Government has moved to protect jobs in Far North Queensland’s agricultural sector by boosting funding to efforts to eradicate exotic fruit fly in the region.

New partnership between Nutrano and Keenan Produce

Nutrano has taken an equity stake in Keenan Produce Pty Ltd, a citrus packing shed operation in Griffith NSW.

Red Rich Fruits secures Australian rights to Cosmic Crisp apples

Cosmic Crisp apple is set to take off in Australia thanks to an exclusive agreement between Australian fruit grower, packer, and marketer, Red Rich Fruits, and varietal managers Proprietary Variety Management (PVM).

Bee-Scent for pollination

Bee-Scent is a pheromone-based enhancement product that aids in attracting bees to the target crop.

StixFresh breathes longer life into fruit

Seattle-based start-up StixFresh has developed a sticker that can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to two weeks longer than usual.

Elders strengthening horticulture investments in technical services

Building on its position in Australian horticulture was one of the aims for iconic agribusiness Elders at this year's Hort Connections.

Australia is in the process of revolutionising its barcode system

GS1 Australia is in the process of revolutionising its barcode system, providing more information and traceability of loose produce items.

ANFIC - our role is to protect IP rights

ANFIC have recently had to enforce their IP rights on various nurseries and growers

Citrus and grape by-products could serve as food preservatives

Citrus and grape by-products that are normally treated as waste could potentially be used in the production of natural food preservatives.

Free Trade Agreements Boost Australian Fruit Grower’s Exports

Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are helping the companies expand their global presence.

APIS Bloom - Bloomin' marvellous

Increase foraging of commercial European honeybees by attracting them into your crop.

$5M pollination grant

Key crops will receive a pollination boost under a new research project that investigates novel technology and practices for optimising pollination.

Citrus eating quality best in seven years

Citrus eating quality - best in seven years.