Grower lathers crops in molasses to protect produce as South Australia endures consecutive frosts

As South Australian temperatures plummet below zero severely damaging crops, some growers are turning to creative methods to protect their produce.

Non-invasive fruit ripeness measurement

Queensland researchers have developed a new tool to assess the ripeness of mango crops prior to harvest, potentially boosting harvest timing and fruit quality. The non-invasive sensor team from CQUniversity this week revealed it had created new sensor system technology using near-infared spectroscopy to assess produce in the orchard, without damaging the product. The technology allows farmers to better plan their harvest, by employing the right number of pickers at the right time.

Multi-lingual manual motivates multinational mango moves

Mango growers and exporters will soon have a manual describes the best appearance and eating qualities of mangoes for export markets.

New fresh produce food safety guidelines

The Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety 2019 will ensure Australian produce has the highest safety standards of any produce anywhere in the world.

Barcode turns 45

The widely used barcode turned 45 on June 26.

India imposes tariff increases on US almonds, walnuts and apples

Increase of tariffs on US products by India may help Australian producers.

Australian Native Bee Association created

The Australian Native Bee Association aims to promote the conservation and sustainable use of all native bees.

Orange growers tackle industry woes at Griffith juice forum

Australia's orange juice industry is "at a crossroads" and needs a radical shakeup in order to survive.

Mango intensification – small trees – big results

Tree crop orchard intensification has been successfully adopted around the world in many temperate crops, with benefits of earlier yields and higher yields, improved fruit quality, smaller trees and increased efficiency of management. The small tree/high productivity initiative, has begun to study the benefits and issues associated with intensifying a tropical mango orchard.

Avocado season set for a 95,000t record

Australian avocado growers are expected to produce a record harvest of the Hass variety this year.

Bee pollination a race between native and European honey bees while researchers watch on

Which bee is the best pollinator — native or European? It is a question researchers are keen to answer. With the use of stopwatches, individually-coloured beehives and the most important factor of all — time — they are hoping to learn more. Researchers from the University of New England (UNE) are working alongside row after row of blueberry bushes at a major plantation on the NSW mid north coast in their search for better data.

Trees take off on pre-planting treatment

A decision to treat his soil with chloropicrin prior to replanting to prevent apple replant disease (ARD) is amply rewarding Kirup grower Rob Tassone with vigorous, healthy trees off to a flying start.

Varroa mites detected again at Townsville Port

Varroa mites have been detected on an Asian honey bee nest that was recently found and destroyed at the Port of Townsville.

New guide to protect macadamia production

The latest edition of the ‘Macadamia Plant Protection Guide’ has been released.

Strong demand for early season Northern Territory green mangoes

While there is still a few months to wait before juicy Kensington Pride mangoes start hitting supermarket shelves again — markets and restaurants are already being supplied with green mangoes from the Northern Territory.