Packaging key to reducing food waste

Research indicates that fresh produce packaging can help mitigate the estimated $20 billion of food lost or wasted in Australia every year.

Commercially reared bees deliver active ingredient to protect crops

Bee Vectoring Technologies International has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved Clonostachys rosea CR-7 (CR-7) for use as a fungicide on commercial crops.

Study finds that mango ripeness is critical for 80% of consumers

A consumer sensory study was conducted on Honey Gold, Calypso and Kensington Pride mangoes.

Interest grows for Australian avocados in India

Australia avocado production is on track for a record in the 12 months to June 2020.

Spring into action against fruit fly

Now is the time to start action against fruit fly this season. With the days starting to warm up Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) are starting to become more active in their search for food.

Potential treatments for citrus greening

Research shows a new way of finding potential treatments for citrus greening disease.

Avocados from WA access Japan via direct flights

Western Australia avocado growers are taking advantage of a new direct flight service between Perth and Tokyo, which commenced Sunday, September 1.

Long-term weed control is back

Longer lasting herbicide alternatives can manage the development of weed resistance and provide season-long protection.

Improving avocado shelf life

Small sachet is designed to improve the shelf-life of avocados.

Aussie horticulture exports hit record high

The world’s appetite for Australian fruit, nuts and vegetables has skyrocketed with Australian produce exports reaching almost $2.8 billion for the first time.

Australia's stone fruit exports continue to expand

FAS/Canberra forecasts Australian stone fruit (cherry and peach/nectarine) fruit production to continue to expand in MY 2019/20, with all of the increase expected to go to exports.

How Australia is shaking up the truffle market

Australia has become the world's fourth-largest producer of the most-prized type of black truffle.

Protective cropping crucial for apples and pears

Flying foxes are considered keystone species in the Australian landscape. However, they have significant impact on orchards – even with netting. Incursions can result in near-total or total losses to crops.

Beekeepers confident industry can keep up with demand for almond pollination

Despite concerns earlier this year, the bee industry is confident it will be able to keep up with demand from the almond industry.

An effective/organic alternative . . .

Organic Crop Protectants’ latest innovation in plant protection - Ecocarb PLUS - is a dual action fungicide combining the curative powers of potassium bicarbonate with the protective and systemic barrier properties of potassium silicate.