3 reasons why the Costa share price could beat the ASX200 this year

Costa is Australia’s largest horticultural company that grows avocados, berries, mushrooms, citrus fruit and tomatoes.

2019 Almond Crop Update

The 2019 Australian Almond crop is estimated by the Australian almond processors and marketers to be 93,000 tonnes.

Stickers to keep fruit fresh

About 52% of fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste in the US during transportation, but the Stixfresh sticker aims to help combat food waste.

Macadamia nuts double in price as growers struggle to keep up with demand

If you're a fan of snacking on Australia's only commercially grown native nut — the macadamia — you may have noticed prices rising on supermarket shelves. The Australian Macadamia Society said the price consumers were paying for the nut had doubled in the last 10 years, from $25 per kilogram to about $50 per kilogram.

Blue light increases anthocyanin content in cherries

A research study has shown how light wavelengths can influence the quality of cherries in cold storage.

AI diagnostics tool to help identify fruit fly gender

A South Australian company has developed an AI diagnostics tool that combines a microscope and smartphone to deliver agtech solutions.

ABARES Outlook reports Chile to increase competition against Aussie horticulture exports

CHINA might be lapping up the quality of Australian horticulture products but Chile is intent on making sure the "waking dragon" doesn't fall too far in love with the land Down Under.

Humble pear gets a makeover

Rocky Varapodio has a plan to bring the humble pear into the 21st century.

Using cutlery made from avocados is the cool new way to save the planet

As if we needed any more reasons to love good old avos.

Tailoring options for seed weevil control

With macadamia seed weevil Kushchelorhynchus macadamiae (formerly Sigastus weevil) causing devastating crop losses, incorporating indoxacarb into IMP programs is going a long way to helping Northern Rivers macadamia growers.

Top results from new citrus insecticide

Exirel insecticide from FMC produced has excellent results against Fuller’s rose weevil on a property at Nangiloc, south of Mildura in Victoria’s Sunraysia district.

Australian technology company looking to make its mark in cold storage industry

An Australian technology company is looking to expand further into the cold storage and fresh produce industry.

'Nude' shopping next big trend

But keep your clothes on....’food in the nude’ means beginning of the end for plastic in supermarkets.

Amateur naturalist finds new population of endangered wild macadamias

Thirty-seven new trees of the endangered macadamia jansenii species have been found in Bulburin National Park, south of Rockhampton.

Mango marathon nears finish line as industry produces its second largest harvest on record

There are only a few weeks left to buy mangoes at the supermarket before the national harvest draws to a close. While the official numbers will not be available for another few months, the mango industry is confident that it has produced its second biggest crop on record. "It's looking like we'll produce in excess of 10 million trays," Robert Gray said, chief executive of Australian Mango Industry Association.