Apple industry introduces measures to stop consumers from biting into floury fruit

Apples are ripening on trees across Australia, but as hundreds of growers head into the orchards for the busy harvest period, in West Australian growers want this year to be different.

Port Augusta sterile insects released in Riverland

Port Augusta has joined the fight against a fruit fly outbreak in the the Riverland.

Can genetic modification save the US citrus industry?

US citrus is being devastated by disease — will consumers be willing to accept GM citrus and so save the industry?

Discovery of pigment in mandarins that helps reduce body fat

Valencian researchers have discovered a pigment, present in mandarins and a few other fruits, that helps reduce body fat by 30%.

Dangerous bee virus might be innocent bystander

Beekeepers urged to rethink fears around deadly virus.

Mainland cherry growers' triumph in China

Cherry growers from the Australian mainland have completed their first full season of trade via airfreight with China since being granted market access.

Dual action weapon targets citrus pests

Citrus growers have a new, dual action weapon against key sucking pests that is setting a new benchmark for rapid control, extended protection and fruit marketability compared with other standard industry alternatives.

Getting a sweet return on mangoes

A suite of five ACIAR small research activities (SRAs) is bringing together mango supply chain stakeholders and researchers from seven countries in a mango agribusiness program designed to understand the lucrative Chinese mango market and improve livelihoods for smallholder mango producers.

Specialty Queen Garnet plums offer IBD hope

The producers of the Queen Garnet plum say new research shows the plum's high antioxidant content may provide relief for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Almonds rebound strongly ahead of 2019 harvest

INVESTING in frost fans and the use of high-tech water management systems has made for a favourable almond growing season.

TriCal Australia acquires A-Gas Rural

the TriCal Group has acquired A-Gas Rural and we will now be known as TriCal Australia Pty. Limited.

Market access for Aussie walnuts to India

Australia’s walnut growers now have access to India and its 1.4 billion people.

Australian avocado industry responds to reports that demand is declining

Avocados Australia says there is no evidence of a reduced demand trend, rather it has been increasing year by year.

Australian citrus sees opportunity in Vietnam

Trade figures for Australian citrus exports have shown preference in Vietnam for larger fruit.

Australian laboratory loses international accreditation for sensory testing

Australian olive oil growers must look further afield for official Extra Virgin certification if they require it this year. The only tasting panel in Australasia trained in International Olive Council (IOC) procedures which has been used to certify olive oils as extra virgin has not been recognised by the international body in 2019.