Common fruit flies are beginning to build a resistance to common insecticides

Fruit flies in temperate parts of the country are becoming resistant to common insecticides, new research has found.

Opportunities for Australian pomegranates

Australia’s pomegranate industry could rival Peru by 2020.

Branded varieties burst into stores

With harvest season well under way, newer varieties are starting to make an appearance in stores. While some start earlier, March is the prime picking month for most varieties, meaning now is the best time to taste an apple you may not have tried before.

Mango industry discovers highly infectious bacteria as cause of ugly veins of resin canal discolouration

Scientists have worked out what causes ugly veins to appear in mangoes — a breakthrough that could save the industry millions of dollars each year.

New high-tech factory unlocking global opportunities

Shepparton’s Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packing will juice, sort and export more fresh fruit from the Goulburn Valley thanks to a high-tech new fruit processor.

Stem cell science being used to smash avocado shortage by speeding up tree growth

In a dim pink room at the University of Queensland, thousands of small avocado trees are being grown from cuttings and lovingly tended to.

Non-browning Arctic apple could be breakthrough product, overcoming anti-GMO fears

Non-browning apples could change how people think and talk about genetically modified food.

This robot gripper can lift 100 times its own weight

This robot gripper can pick up unconventional items like fruit.

Avocado seeds may be able to treat inflammation

Avocado seed extracts could be a potential source for novel anti-inflammatory compounds that could be developed as a functional food ingredient or pharmaceuticals, according to researchers.

3 reasons why the Costa share price could beat the ASX200 this year

Costa is Australia’s largest horticultural company that grows avocados, berries, mushrooms, citrus fruit and tomatoes.

2019 Almond Crop Update

The 2019 Australian Almond crop is estimated by the Australian almond processors and marketers to be 93,000 tonnes.

Stickers to keep fruit fresh

About 52% of fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste in the US during transportation, but the Stixfresh sticker aims to help combat food waste.

Macadamia nuts double in price as growers struggle to keep up with demand

If you're a fan of snacking on Australia's only commercially grown native nut — the macadamia — you may have noticed prices rising on supermarket shelves. The Australian Macadamia Society said the price consumers were paying for the nut had doubled in the last 10 years, from $25 per kilogram to about $50 per kilogram.

Blue light increases anthocyanin content in cherries

A research study has shown how light wavelengths can influence the quality of cherries in cold storage.

AI diagnostics tool to help identify fruit fly gender

A South Australian company has developed an AI diagnostics tool that combines a microscope and smartphone to deliver agtech solutions.