Variety and maturity influence on the bioactive composition of mangoes

Mangoes Aug. 18, 2019

Mangoes are an important natural source of bioactive compounds that have functional properties.

However, factors such as variety and maturation stage can have a great influence on the composition of bioactive compounds. In this context, a comprehensive study of chemical composition of three Spanish mango varieties (Keitt, Kent and Osteen) at five ripening stages was conducted.

The analysis revealed the presence of more than seventy compounds from different chemical families. Subsequently, analysis showed that the ripening process entailed an important decrease in phenolic compounds which was more accentuated in the variety Keitt.

On the other hand, Osteen was revealed as the poorest variety based on phenolic compounds. Mangoes of the variety Keitt exhibited the major quantities of gallotannins and mono and di-galloyl species at the earliest stages of maturity.

Therefore, in this study, from a functional point of view, unripe mango from the variety Keitt seems to be an excellent natural source of bioactive compounds.

Authors: Alañón, M. Elena, Oliver-Simancas, Rodrigo, Gómez-Caravaca, Ana M., Arráez-Román, David, Segura-Carretero, Antonio

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