Australia's unique Bravo apple held back by cosmetic colour requirements

Cosmetic colour requirements are strangling the success of the Bravo apple.

Good progress achieved on native flies as pollinators

THE case continues to build for Australian native flies to be used as commercial crop pollinators. The second year of the native fly trials at the Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's (DPIRD) South Perth quarantine glasshouse and in the field at Busselton have proven to be even more successful than the first.

Entrust - new organic pest control option

Unique insecticide is highly effective and ideally suited to integrated pest management.

GreenTech - sprayers for all seasons

Spraying system with low-power consumption and fans producing high air volumes.

New technology addresses alternate bearing in citrus

Alternate bearing is a common problem in the world citrus industry

Almond industry set to be more sustainable

Researchers breeding self-fertile and more water-efficient almond trees.

Research delivers damage-free avocados

Innovation in supply chain and management improves avocado quality.

BOM declares La Nina

We could be in for a wet spring and summer.

Luna Sensation gets label extension

New registration increases options for disease control and resistance management in tree crops.

MRG sells citrus assets to Costa Group

Sale of conventional citrus at Nangiloc property.

Helping Western Australia breed the world’s best apple

Research aims to produce new apple varieties with improved health attributes.

Chilean scientists investigate the avocado flower's aroma

Avocado project seeks to develop artificial attractants for pollinators.

Cold plasma treatment aims to keep fresh produce safe

Australia’s Centre for Produce Safety is funding research on cold plasma wash water treatment.

New tech underpins evolution of world class citrus nursery

Innovation has reduced the production cycle for citrus trees.

New answer to major pests of tree crops

A new mode of action for some insect pests and short withholding period.