Aust custard apples: jewels of the tropics

Ever wondered why lovers of custard apples just cannot get enough of this decadent fruit?

Avocados for the Northern Territory

New variety of avocado looks suited to Top End environment.

Millions of bees on the move

Bees moved from almond orchards to macadamias.

New citrus variety information sheets available

New citrus variety information sheets now available.

Smarter pear orchards to consistently produce better quality pears

Experimental pear blocks will provide insights into the effects of rootstock, training systems and tree density on fruit yield and quality.

Labour shortage looming: Growers must act now!

Harvest Trail Information Service advises 'growers to be proactive.

LoRa devices boost crop yield on connected avocado farms

Accurately monitoring environmental crop stress.

Cryogenics preserves genetic lines of avocado

Avocado shoot tips have successfully been cryogenically frozen and revived.

Woolworths backs organic growers

Woolworths awards Organic Growth Fund grants to four family-owned Australian farms.

Mango production in full swing in the NT

Mango harvesting in the NT is ramping up, two months after picking commenced.

Sterile fruit flies contribute to reduction in Queensland fruit fly population

Releases of sterile fruit flies at two Australian locations have significantly reduced Queensland fruit fly numbers.

Predicting chilling injury before fruit leaves the shed

Research to help lemon exporters.

Seasonal workers from Vanuatu arrive in Darwin

Seasonal workers heading off to Top End orchards.

Preventing disruptions in live tracking of fresh produce

Tracking solution gives perishable supply chain stakeholders live access to in-transit data.

Feral pig exclusion fencing saves macadamia crops

Investment in exclusion fencing can recoup its cost within one to two years.