New miticide for pome and stone fruit

Australian pome and stone fruit growers will soon have access to a powerful new miticide delivering rapid knockdown and long residual control of key mite species.

Kanemite (156 g/L acequinocyl) is the latest miticide on offer from UPL, a leading global miticide supplier.

It is registered in Australia to control two-spotted mites in apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots and cherries.

UPL Australia’s head of marketing and business development, Ian Cass said UPL was delighted to have Kanemite registered four months ahead of schedule. “We’re extremely pleased to announce the registration of Kanemite miticide earlier than expected,” Mr Cass said.

“It offers Australian growers a new active for managing mites and class-leading two-spotted mite control in orchards.”

The newly registered active acequinocyl, is a Group 20B miticide. It introduces a unique mode of action with no known cross-resistance to other miticides, making it an ideal choice to help manage mite resistance.

“The unique mode of action ensures effectiveness and allows for true miticide rotations with little or no impact on beneficial insects and mites, making it an excellent fit for IPM programs,” Mr Cass said.

“Kanemite provides excellent contact activity for controlling two-spotted spider mites at all life stages from eggs to adult mites – offering growers flexibility in application timing.”

He added that Kanemite also exhibits excellent crop safety with no phytotoxicity or fruit blemishes evident from its use.

New Kanemite miticide will be available from UPL in September for the 2021/2022 growing season.

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