New season Aussie walnuts soon to reach waiting consumers as industry looks to beat production record

Fresh Australian walnuts are on their way to market with this year’s harvest now complete in New South Wales orchards and nearing completion in other states

Prime results in citrus

Increasing crop productivity and overall plant and soil health.

Citrus Australia trials blockchain traceability system

Citrus Australia commissions a pilot study to improve traceability using unique digital identifiers on a blockchain.

Compostable bioplastic from olive waste

A biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions has been developed from olive stone waste.

Nadia - a cherry plum hybrid

Nadia is effectively an oversized cherry, but with more flesh to its pip size.

Aust joins plant research network

The future of plant health in Australia is looking brighter with a new opportunity for international collaboration in research on pests and diseases that are common threats.

Bushfire recovery still on the agenda

Yesterday's announcement by the NSW Government of a statewide $140m bushfire recovery package is welcome reassurance that bushfire recovery remains on the NSW and Federal Governments’ agendas.

Australian citrus industry not taking competition from Chile in China too lightly

The Australian citrus industry says it cannot afford to underestimate Chile's presence in the Chinese market after the South American country gained market access in December last year.

Almond growers cracking on with harvest

Bumper crops are buoying South Australia’s almond industry as demand for its long shelf life product continues to soar.

New pass required for entry into Queensland

The Queensland Government has announced it will be tightening the already restricted entry into the state.

Australian research results in higher yielding avocados

Finally, faster and healthier avocado propagation is becoming a reality for Australian growers.

Avocado production set to increase in Western Australia

Alterra’s new 300ha avocado expansion, titled ‘carpenters project’, set for Pemberton in state’s south west.

Prime Minister asking visitors to go home "counterproductive" for horticultural industry

Horticultural industry leaders are urging backpackers not to go home.

Australian papaya harvest ramps up

The harvest outlook appears healthy for Australian papaya growers.

Sweet taste of success

The first trial shipment of Australian persimmons to Thailand has been a success with the fruit selling out shortly after arrival.