High domestic and export demand for Australian citrus

Nutrano Produce Group is in the middle of its citrus season and have started their export program for Navel oranges.

Electronic nose sniffs out perfectly ripe peaches for harvest

"e-noses" can be dispersed across an orchard to ensure each tree is harvested at optimal times.

Inefficiencies cost Australian suppliers

PMA A-NZ State of the Industry Report 2020 measures the impact of supply chain inadequacies.

New test could guarantee the perfect avocado

Test could reduce waste by 10% and help meet consumer demands for ‘ready-to-eat’ avocados.

Control and management of clearwing borer in persimmons

The APVMA has recently issued a permit for the use of a mating disruption agent for the management of persimmon clearwing borer.

Enhancing Australia’s bee pest surveillance

Enhancements to the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program have delivered a range of valuable outcomes to support the health of Australia’s bees.

Roboticists create third arm gentle enough to pick fruit

Researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke in Canada have developed a waist-mounted hydraulic arm that could be used for picking fruit.

Advice for farmers on resistance management now available online

CropLife Australia has released its updated Resistance Management Strategies for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

'Backpicker' aims to improve farm labour shortages

Backpicker app links farms with seasonal workers during busy harvest time

Felco celebrates 20 years in Australia

Reputation of Felco has been built on the longevity of its tools.

Computer modeling drives precision bloom thinning in apple orchards

Computer modeling helps to more precisely manage orchard thinning practices.

Feijoa fruit wins larger slice of market pie

One of South Australia’s few feijoa growers is winding up harvest for the little-known fruit.

Sweet black pomegranate 'Black Candy'

'Black Candy' pomegranate is targeted to premium markets.

Produce always on the move at Dons Fort Packing

Dons Fort Packing know a thing or two about the growing, picking and packing of local produce.

Maximising pollination – the missing link

A radar-like sensor that effectively monitors bee pollination activity is set to improve pollination rates and increase yields.