Timing and size of fee increases on farming sector disappointing

Significant fee increases from APVMA

HiveXchange rallies behind market community

No-cost version of digital trading app released to support Australian fresh produce industry through COVID-19.

Sunraysia produces bumper crop of exotic jujube

Tough year for export with COVID-19 restrictions

Control of fruit spotting bug with Trivor

Trivor insecticide controls a range of key pests in avocados, macadamias, mangoes, grapes and citrus.

Developing a spray to help honeybees fight mites

Researchers are working on a new tool to combat the parasitic mite Varroa destructor.

APVMA fee increases on farming sector disappointing

Significant fee increases from APVMA add costs to to Australian farming community.

Wide Bay macadamia grower says ancient Korean farming technique improved yields

A Wide Bay macadamia farmer has credited an ancient farming method hailing from Korea for a large increase in crop yield.

Survey reveals avocado growers encouraging pollinators

The survey is being undertaken to improve the pollination services provided by beneficial insects and other pollinators through revegetation programs that enhance food availability for pollinators.

Device could deliver 'life-saving' treatment to diseased fruit plants

MIT engineers have developed a precision injection system for plants.

A nose for trouble

Research reveals that Queensland Fruit Fly can detect the presence of potential predators by smell.

Making every drop count

Safeguard productivity by implementing well-balanced fertiliser programs targeted to appropriate yield levels.

SPC acquires PomLife

SPC is plunging into the world of pomegranates after acquiring PomLife,

Disease management lifts macadamia industry confidence

Australia’s native macadamia nuts are worth over $250 million in exports a year, and research to improve disease management is helping to step up the crop’s productivity to further increase its value.

New biosecurity resources to help Australian truffle growers

Australian truffle growers can now access a new pest and disease management manual and guide.

Australian Kanzi apples set to continue growth

Australian Kanzi apple growers are confident of consistent supply this season, despite some challenging weather conditions during the growing period.