PGR porfolio for apples expands

Nov. 15, 2020 | 5 Min read
Improved formulation for post bloom thinning in apples.

Plant growth regulator specialist, Fine Agrochemicals has introduced its newest next generation, more concentrated 6-BA formulation for optimum thinning in apples.

Known as Exilis 5XL, it joins the other well-established branded products for use in apples – Perlan (typiness, russet control), Corto (vegetative growth control) and Exilis (chemical thinning).

“Exilis 5XL’s next generation 6-BA formulation contains 100 g/L 6-benzyladenine – the well-known cytokinin for optimum post-bloom thinning in apples,’” said Fine Agrochemicals marketing director Wim Aelbrecht.

This new patented formulation is a very safe and highly effective formulation providing exceptional thinning results and improving fruit-size. Exilis 5XL’s new formulation delivers the same performance as Exilis on a gram-per-gram basis, but with the bonus of reducing environmental impact with less waste package material.

“Our new Exilis 5XL is based on a unique SC formulation which has improved solubility, is easier to pour, easier to measure, easier to ship and easier to store. Five times more concentrated, this new formulation creates a vast improvement in storage and handling, and with a non-dangerous goods classification is safer for operators.”

Exilis 5XL is a secondary thinner designed for use on apple trees at full bloom or already treated with a primary thinner such as NAA. Exilis 5XL produces excellent results when applied during a period of uninterrupted growth of fruitlets, resulting in the successful management of biennial bearing and crop load.

“This new formulation has already been successfully introduced and commercialised into other important apple markets like New Zealand, Italy, Germany and the USA,” Mr Aelbrecht said.

Fine Agrochemicals is a UK based company focusing on the development, manufacture and marketing of plant growth regulators (PGRs) for fruit, flower and broadacre crops. In Australia, Fine Agrochemicals distributes its fruit PGR portfolio in partnership with Elders.

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