Hydrorock subsurface water saving technology

Developed by a Dutch company, Hydrorock is an innovative subsurface water saving technology composed of blocks of mineral wool - a rock-based mineral material made into a matted fibre buried in the ground and designed to deliver an optimum and constant supply of water to tree crops.

Future is cherry ripe for very happy family orchard

Kyabram orchardists Anthony Rullo and Alexandra Milosevich see embracing innovative water saving technologies as the key to their future after establishing a 5ha cherry orchard on a property just outside of Kyabram in July 2022.

Vayego all the go for South West WA orchards with weevils

Limited chemical control options and high reliance on the Group 22a insecticide, indoxacarb, for control of weevils in pome and stone fruit orchards throughout South West WA, has always meant a new option was going to be enthusiastically welcomed.

Thinning strategies for European pears

Many European pear cultivars crop heavily and require thinning to ensure regular yields and optimise fruit quality. However, compared with apple, there is limited information available on how to best manage crop loads, particularly the newer cultivars.

Bringing home the Bacon at Barham Avocados

When it comes to avocado trees, Tim and Katrina Myers have been blazing a trail along the Murray at Barham, NSW, through droughts, floods, pandemics, global financial crises, good crops and, well, some not so good.

Minimal impact of phytosanitary irradiation

Global trade enables the movement of seasonally fresh produce between countries.

Getting to the core of apple and pear profitability

Apple and pear growers are about to take growing profits to the next level – powered by PIPS 4 Profit.

Scandinavian Celina – dare to be dazzled

The Australian pear industry is about to be dazzled with the first stage of commercialisation of the Celina/ QTee hitting the market.

Apple fruit thinning benefits too great to ignore

Some apple growers can get nervous about using chemical fruit thinners. However, Sam Boyce, operations manager at a Goulburn Valley orchard, says the savings in manual thinning and early market sales benefits are simply too great to ignore.

Angler trap targets Carpophilus beetle

Grochem offers a new trapping system for Carpophilus beetle – a major pest in ripening stone and pome fruit.

Apple industry welcomes miticide with new MOA

After increased mite pressure in apple orchards in recent seasons and more than a decade since a new mode of action miticide has been introduced, a new product hitting the shelves always was going to be a valuable addition for growers’ control programs.

CGA ‘AusCherrySure’ MRL app released

Cherry growers who export, must comply with a different set of maximum residue levels (MRLs) for each country.

New sensor for storage disorders in stone fruit

Agriculture Victoria is collaborating with a Melbourne-based agtech company to assess the accuracy and utility of a prototype fluorescence sensor to detect and predict storage disorders in stone fruit.

Stroby WG fungicide now available from AgNova

AgNova has announced a new distribution agreement with BASF Australia for the popular strobilurin fungicide Stroby WG.

Apple thinning: a returning challenge!

Many of today’s most grown apple varieties need fruit thinning to obtain the right fruit bearing, desired fruit size, and to avoid biennial bearing.