New option for control of powdery mildew in apples

Corteva Agriscience has announced that Talendo fungicide has been granted registration for the control of powdery mildew in apples.

Corteva Territory Manager Gregg Baynon said that he believes apple growers will welcome this registration as they seek out rotation options for their powdery mildew control programs.

“Over the last few years, many growers have raised concerns over the efficacy of some of the older DMI products as they face resistance issues. This has led growers to seek out new control options.

“For a product to be included in a program it has to offer more than just effective control of powdery mildew. Obviously product efficacy is crucial, but it must also be safe on the crop and on the beneficial insects that help control damaging pests. It should also be compatible with other products in the program, and in this regard Talendo ticks all the boxes.”

Talendo Fungicide is a Group 13 aza-naphthalene mode of action fungicide from the quinazolinone chemistry group, and is the only fungicide from this group currently registered in apples in Australia – making it an ideal rotation option for resistance management.

In New Zealand, Talendo has been used in apple crops for the last decade, providing robust control of powdery mildew and causing no disruption to IPM programs and without any detrimental effect on fruit finish, Mr Baynon said.

“Growers will also welcome the fact that Talendo is compatible with a large range of other fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators and is rainfast within two hours of application.

“In trials, Talendo was able to withstand 20mm of rainfall two hours after application, without any visible impact on powdery mildew control.”

Mr Baynon said Corteva was pleased to be introducing a product that has been tried and tested in New Zealand that will now give Australian apple growers a rotation option to help prolong the effective life of all their current powdery mildew fungicides.

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