GrowData harvest app saves time and money

GrowData’s Harvest app is proving itself to be a winner for growers around Australia.

“As Australia’s leading horticultural management software provider, it was important that our new app would not only be easy to use and functional in the field, but it also had to be capable of meeting the increasing legislative requirements in regard to payment of pickers,” said Brian Riordan, managing director of GrowData Developments.

“Even when paying by the bin, the pickers hours must also be recorded. This has created yet another layer of data collection which growers must deal with during harvest. GrowData harvest app makes compliance easy.”

The app does not require any expensive specialised hardware, it works from either an iPhone or iPad or any android device. Barcode recording of bins and pickers is simple and can be carried out in the field or in the shed. There is also an option to record the information without using barcodes.

Crews from the previous day can be carried forward to the next day to minimise set-up time. Pickers can be removed from the crew if they do not return and new pickers can be added in the field. If they have a Madec card, their information can be added simply by reading the QR code on their card.

“Team picking is when two or more pickers pick into the same bin. When a bin is filled only one of the team needs to stick their barcode to the bin card. When the barcode is read the bin is divided by the number of team members and a percentage of the bin is allocated to each team member and a percentage of the bin rate is assigned to each picker,” Mr Riordan said.

Pickers can be linked to contractors and they can also pick in teams. For larger growers, there is a function which can be configured so multiple supervisors working in the same or adjacent blocks can link their devices so they share the same crew and teams. Part bins can also be recorded as well as fruit quality and bin location within a block if desired.

Blocks, pickers, bin types etc are all downloaded from GrowData into the app. Once these are selected into the harvest screen, all that has to be done is to barcode scan the bin and the picker.

Waikerie citrus grower David Arnold from G M Arnold and Son said: “GrowData's harvest app has saved us significant time and the extensive reporting makes QA compliance and paying contractors easy.

“It has also increased picker compliance (correct harvesting), as they know their bin can be traced back to them.” He added that having no internet in the field was no problem as the data is auto-synced as soon as the phone is back in internet range.

GrowData’s Mr Riordan said the extensive reporting could detail the date and time a bin was picked, each picker’s full name and an optional “Known As” for nicknames. There is also the ability to add a payroll number for permanent employees who help out with the picking and lots more.

Full traceability is possible as every bin is linked to the block and every picker is linked to a bin. Picking costs by bin or per hour are also allocated back to the block, giving the grower an accurate record of tonnage off a block and a cost per hectare, per tonne and per bin.

“If you are using GrowData’s Packing Program, the bins when tipped can be rescanned and the batch number can then be automatically attached to the bin number to give you total traceability from the block to the customers who receive stock from a particular batch,” Mr Riordan said.

“If your crop is being sent to MFC for packing, GrowData can upload the MFC packout file and allocate the packout performance back to the appropriate blocks.”

Batlow fruit grower Michael Smart said he has been using GrowData for over 20 years. “It has greatly increased our efficiency in the orchard while helping us to maintain all compliance record keeping,” Mr Smart said.

“It’s very affordable and has great follow-up service. Their harvest app has added a new dimension, giving us excellent bin traceability and a lot less stress.”

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