Apple disease control critical

As a major disease threat in his orchards, Victorian apple producer Brad Fankhauser knows how critical it is he carefully manages black spot. Mr Fankhauser, who farms near Drouin in Gippsland, says even in a relatively dry season black spot can be a threat, however the introduction of Luna Sensation fungicide to his program in the 2015/16 season proved to be a gamechanger.

Stronger biosecurity measures to manage stink bug risks

Australia has implemented stronger offshore biosecurity measures for the upcoming brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) season, to manage risks associated with this significant cargo pest. Head of biosecurity at the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Lyn O’Connell, said BMSB are a threat to agricultural industries and the environment, feeding on over 300 different plant species.

Mango box that transformed Australia's horticulture industry

In the early 2000s, a cardboard box emerged from a workshop in the Northern Territory. It had a unique design and would go on to shape the future of Australia's fruit and vegetable industries. One of its developers, David Hoseason-Smith, received due recognition in July, winning an innovation award at the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference in Darwin.

'Bee Prepared' - Testing and building Australia’s Varroa defence

Government and industry stakeholders from across the country are taking part in one of the nation’s largest biosecurity exercises to help Australia bee prepared to manage a potential varroa mite incursion.

Tasmania's fruit fly restrictions could mean fewer local cherries at Christmas

Tasmanians will be unable to purchase cherries prior to Christmas from any growers within the fruit fly control zone, unless biosecurity restrictions are relaxed.

Postharvest – delivering high quality cherries

The Australian cherry industry is in a strong phase of growth with forecast increases in production over the next five years.

Citrus canker - Notification of removal of plants in NT

The NT DPIR has advised that residents who live in a citrus canker restricted area have been contacted regarding the removal of their citrus plants to work towards eradication of the plant pest.

Pink Lady and Bravo apples among the healthiest

Eating apples is good for you, ongoing research carried out by The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU) has reaffirmed.

Moringa oleifera – a potential new industry for Australia

Moringa has been identified as a potential emerging industry for Australia.

New developments for HiveXchange

Australian made digital market innovation is empowering growers to trade more freely into national and export markets.

Brevis – new option for apple thinning

A new secondary fruit thinner with a unique mode of action is tipped to revolutionise the way apples are thinned.

Scientists find a way to zap fruit, killing mould and extending shelf life using air

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction — a low-energy, chemical-free process that can zap fresh produce, stopping mould spores from germinating and extending its shelf life for weeks.

China's appetite for a stinky fruit booms — could durian be the next baby milk formula?

Could a fruit that smells so offensive it can cause entire buildings to be evacuated be the next baby milk formula craze for Chinese consumers?

Nitrogen management for improved mango productivity and quality

A future of improved nitrogen applications that better pin-point the right source, timing and rate of nitrogen fertiliser to increase yield and optimise fruit quality.

Mango crop sets national record

The 2017/2018 Australian mango season was the biggest on record, with more than 10 million trays picked across the country for the first time.