Citrus Australia does not agree with calls for moratorium on new water-use licences

Citrus May 24, 2019

Citrus Australia will ask the Federal Government to support a review of the river system to ensure supply for current and future horticulture development can be adequately met.

Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock said irrigation practices in the Australian citrus industry continue to evolve through the adoption of new technologies and citrus growers will continue to invest in water-saving efficiency measures.

“However, growers expect surety of supply. The system is physically unable to deliver quantities of water required in some areas.

“Therefore, we ask for a review, with forward planning and an assessment of capacity for the river system to meet current and future development,” Mr Hancock said.

“We believe a review is necessary to ensure every aspect necessary for future growth is considered.

“Citrus contributed in excess of $800 million to the GDP through farm gate sales in 2018, including $480 million in exports, and is a major employer in regional and rural Australia, with an estimated 25,000 people employed in citrus production alone.

“A comprehensive review will assist further growth.

“We would not support a moratorium on issuing new water-use licences without first consulting our industry.”

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