New technology helps fight varroa

Sensors placed in beehives can detect presence of varroa.

Serenade Soil Activ improves nutrient availability

Serenade Soil Activ, is set to provide Australian growers with a new tool to increase nutrient availability and uptake, resulting in improved root and plant growth.

Beneficial insects help control macadamia pests

Favourable chemistry is used strategically to assist beneficial insects in controlling pests.

Danisaraba - new miticide for tree crops

New mode of action miticide for almond, pome fruit and citrus growers.

The role of stingless bee pollination in NT mango orchards

Maintaining native vegetation around the crop margins can provide natural habitat for local stingless bee species,

Qld trial tests value of climate-smart Pongamia

Pongamia offers an environmentally friendly opportunity that spans food, feed, fuel and carbon revenue.

Energy saving scheme for mango growers

Program has enormous potential for mango growers, to save on energy costs and run a more sustainable business.

Seguris Flexi fungicide leaves good impression

New fungicide in almonds for seasonal application at hull split.

Pheromone trap analysis on xarvio Scouting app

xarvio Scouting smartphone app will provide instant identification and counting of codling moth and oriental fruit moth.

Transtak Engineering ready for harvest

Transtak Engineering and Equipment manufactures a range of self-loading bin trailers for the orchard industry as well as a full range of high-strength/lightweight aluminium picking ladders.

Exciting time ahead for red flesh early mandarin

Field day helped growers acquire technical expertise sooner for fruit production, processing, and retailing of mandarins.

Satellites used to predict commercial mango yields

Results were found to be highly accurate at both farm and block level, with significant improvement over the traditional method of yield estimation.

Autonomous drone harvest trial in stone fruit

Autonomous harvest options have great potential to deal with labor shortages.

Orchard-Rite shakers offer superior technology

The Orchard-Rite Monoboom and Bullet tree shakers are designed and engineered using high standards for quality and the latest technology in manufacturing.

Mango harvest aid: a story in the making

The acidic sap released when the mango ‘flower stalk’ is broken from the fruit will burn the fruit – and human skin – with some cultivars and some humans more susceptible than others.