Major milestone for Delite Mandarins

Expecting to pick around 30 million Delite mandarins this season.

Monitoring cuts down sprays in avocados

The regular monitoring of insect pests beneficial insects is helping to reduce the amount of insecticide applications needed in avocado orchards in the Bundaberg region of Queensland.

Water prices stay low for third year in a row

Water allocation prices in the southern Murray–Darling Basin are likely to remain low for a third consecutive year, according to the latest ABARES Water Market Outlook.

Planning an area-wide fruit fly program

Now is the time to plan your fruit fly area-wide program, before the insects commence a new season of activity, Richard Bull writes.

Queensland fruit fly area wide management

The Goulburn Murray Valley Fruit Fly Area Wide Management (FFAWM) Program has been monitoring rural and urban Queensland fruit fly (QFF) trapping grids established across the Goulburn Murray Valley (GMV) region In Victoria for five years.

A cherry on top...

Well, we know birds don’t help with biological control of sawflies and, beneficial wasps aren’t ‘traitors’ either. This pretty much leaves it up to you, the grower, to do something, Ion Staunton writes.

Softer option for managing lace bug

New generation insecticide available for use against lace bug in macadamia.

Orchard management the key to sustainability

Integrated orchard management (IOM) projects designed to get more sunlight into macadamia orchards, promote grass coverage on orchard floors, and manage water drainage are key to improving the industry's resilience and environmental sustainability.

How to tell when your Jackfruit is ripe to pick

Sheryl Backhouse, long-time member of the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club, gives her top tips on how to know when your jackfruit is ripe for the picking.

Top tips for new orchard plantings

Trellising is being adopted for use on a wider range of crops.

Farmable farming app simplifies management

Russell Davison, general manager of Farmable for English markets, travelled to Mareeba, Qld in February 2022, where he had the opportunity to meet Andrew Crebert and Rory Nunes. Mr Crebert and Mr Nunes manage three of Manbulloo's mango and avocado farms in Far North Queensland.

Fertiliser can reduce CO2 emissions

Yara can provide product carbon footprint statements (PCFs) for all its nitrate fertilisers sold in Australia.

How to make cherry trees productive early

As cherry growers move towards high density production systems, their main goal is more precocious flowering on young branches for early yields and quick economic returns.

Variable quality export cherries in Vietnam

Cherries are highly perishable and require an efficient cool chain to maintain firmness, freshness and attract premium prices in export markets. Australia regained market access to Vietnam in 2017 with the requirement that Victorian grown produce is subjected to irradiation treatment.

Bayer trial proves value of farm-wide program

With top quality fruit being the goal at Makhoma Farms in the Gin Gin-Wide Bay region of Queensland, owner John Warren is quick to point out that it’s a whole program approach that is not only most effective, but also most efficient.