Funding opens Thai avo trade

The Western Australian avocado industry is set to reap the benefits of more than $3.5M of investment into market access and trade initiatives following the Australian Government’s Hass market access outcome with Thailand.

Managing tree crop picking. There’s an app for that!

An orchard management app that allows pickers to easily record their own progress and helps drivers find full bins via GPS technology is in the final stages of implementation at a Riverland citrus operation.

Lindsay Rural blueberry field trip, Coffs Harbour

Lindsay Rural’s Australian team reflected on the important role it plays in the horticultural supply chain during a one-day field trip as part of a week-long company conference held at Coffs Harbour recently.

Australian native finger lime industry overview

Finger limes, scientifically known as Citrus australasica, are endemic to the rainforest regions of South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales in Australia.

Timing is everything when controlling tree pests!

This issue of Tree Crop is the last one before flowers appear on your tree crop, Ion Staunton writes.

Weather events impact Goulburn Murray Valley

Orchardists in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley region have grappled with the devasting impacts of several extreme weather events throughout the growing season, as climatic conditions prove ideal for Queensland fruit fly.

Heat unit targets for Australian mango cultivars

Based on a multi-region, cultivar and season, an improved method of calculating heat units (HU) or Growing Degree Days is proposed. This method includes a penalty for high temperatures above 32°C as well as low temperatures below 12°C.

New Mango MRL mobile app

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) has released its mobile phone app to help growers manage chemical application and facilitate trade.

Record yield for mango high-density planting trial

Mango production in the Mareeba–Dimbulah district generally experienced a higher-yielding season in 2022–2023.

Managing pests and diseases: practical tips during a challenging season

The Australian macadamia industry is currently navigating a challenging chapter. While growers have rebounded from multiple natural disasters in recent years to deliver an abundant, quality crop, this is being accompanied by rising costs and the softest farm gate prices in more than a decade.

Australian Macadamia Festival in India

An Australian Macadamia Festival will take place in India later this year thanks to a new Queensland Government grant designed to grow international exports of outstanding Queensland produce.

Hull rot a key target for almond orchards

Hull rot has largely become the number one disease target in almonds and it’s likely to continue following wet conditions in recent seasons.

Still lot to learn with almond tree nutrition

After a difficult season for almond production and quality, Anthony Wachtel with the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) says when it comes to tree nutrition, “there is still a lot to learn about what we don’t know yet’’.

Yield mapper developed for almonds

There are many factors that need to be right for optimum almond yield. Growers spend all year trying to get these right. Yield mapping is a way to see how that effort turned into producing a high yielding crop.

New Hybrid Fertilisers sales manager

Riaan Breedt, an agronomist with more than 25 years’ experience both in farming and as an advisor, has been appointed regional sales manager at Hybrid Fertilisers.