How processors can gain from Tomra sorting technologies

Modern sorting equipment reduces foreign material and false rejects without the need for manual intervention for nut producers.

Agpick's solution for piece rates on cherry farms

Growers need to ensure compliance with Horticulture Award piece rate rules ahead of the coming season.

Varroa-targeting pesticide under development

Scientists will create molecules that selectively bind to and interfere with the hormone receptors of Varroa mite and small hive beetle.

CQU’s auto-harvester to revolutionise mango production

Harvester is part of an integrated system which will ensure farmers know how many fruit are on their trees, when they will be in perfect condition, and when to employ the right number of workers.

Could flies be the back-up species to pollinate crops

Blowfies go from flower to flower all day because they're a big insect and it takes a lot of energy to constantly fly around.

Orchard factors to lift fruit quality and yield

Good agronomic management can improve domestic and international demand for fruit.

Freshcare Certification 4.2: The future of produce

Growers who successfully undertake FSQ4.2 certification, can expand to a global market.

Robotic pollinator could decrease reliance on bees

Robot will use AI software and electrostatic sprayer to locate and pollinate flowers with more precision.

Research to help avocado industry flourish

A range of research results were recently presented to avocado growers in Western Australia.

Australian pine nut strategic RD&E plan

Plan outlines the key priorities for the development of an Australian pine nut industry,

Improve fruit quality & yield

Pollinus attracts foraging bees and maintains pollen gathering bees within the orchard.

HLB tolerant rootstocks arrive at Dareton

Australian citrus industry to safeguard itself against HLB.

Farmers a fan of next gen spray technology

Locally made airblast-style fan sprayers designed for traditional orchards with wide spacings.

Breeding flies to lift pollination rates

FlyGro attracts and breeds up local fly numbers to pollinate your crop.

Robot fruit picker to help tackle labour shortages

Robot pickers to work in orchards as soon as 2023.