Australian pine nut strategic RD&E plan

Plan outlines the key priorities for the development of an Australian pine nut industry,

Improve fruit quality & yield

Pollinus attracts foraging bees and maintains pollen gathering bees within the orchard.

HLB tolerant rootstocks arrive at Dareton

Australian citrus industry to safeguard itself against HLB.

Farmers a fan of next gen spray technology

Locally made airblast-style fan sprayers designed for traditional orchards with wide spacings.

Breeding flies to lift pollination rates

FlyGro attracts and breeds up local fly numbers to pollinate your crop.

Robot fruit picker to help tackle labour shortages

Robot pickers to work in orchards as soon as 2023.

Olive Workshop 28-29 July

Workshop to address issues such as - drought, fires, rain, flooding and Lace Bug.

Cherry export workshop, conference and field day 15-17th June 2022

Hear from other growers and experts from Australia and overseas about cherry production and export 15-17 June 2022.

ABCspray: productivity at your fingertips!

Take your entire spray diary online.

Thrips; small pest, big impact

A small pest… but big damage.

Major competitors key to export opportunities

Export is now more than ever a vital channel for Australian crops.

Effects of treatments on export lemon quality

Many export markets require a treatment to ensure the absence of quarantine pests, such as fruit fly.

Sustainable truffle orchard floor management

The Australian truffle industry is more than 20 years old and is the fourth largest producer of truffles in the world.

Lighter, more compact pruning shears

Advancements in ergonomic and technical design improve pruning efficiency.

The 4 R’s for fertiliser programs

Calcium is a nutrient that is widely regarded as immobile in plants.