Scientists develop 'metalloenzyme' biosensor for monitoring ethylene levels in fruits

Scientists from an international group led by the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research in Japan have developed a simple way to monitor the level of ethylene, an important hormone, in plants.

Success for Australia's Rico pear in Thailand

The Thailand market cannot get enough of one of Australia's newest pear varieties.

Grant opportunities for growers

Applications are open until February 28 for the Federal Government's Package Assisting Small Exporters program.

Kanzi apples under new management

In a joining of fresh produce industry forces from around the country the master license and rights to the Kanzi™ Apple brand in Australia have been secured by a new conglomerate.

Who loses in changes to horticultural labour rules

Fruit producers say a new award for pickers imposed by the Federal Government is hitting them where it hurts

Chinese New Year spurs Aussie stonefruit frenzy

Australian peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots are proving more popular than ever in supermarkets in China, Malaysia and Thailand in the lead up to Chinese New Year Celebrations tomorrow.

High-tech map shows fruit, macadamia farms hit by bushfires

Amid devastating bushfire activity across Australia, scientists have released a map that shows avocado, mango, olive, banana, macadamia and citrus orchards that have been impacted, to help with response and recovery efforts.

Australian exports on the back foot

Members of the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA), an advocacy body for leading Australian produce companies, are calling on the federal government to negotiate new market access to key export markets.

Nominations open for citrus industry awards

Citrus Australia is seeking nominations for this year’s citrus industry awards. Winners are to be decided by the Citrus Australia Board, and announced at the Market Outlook Forum, 3-4 March 2020 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Oversupply may occur in global cherry market in 5 years

Data from the Global Cherry Association show that cherry companies around the world will face severe challenges in the future, the market may experience oversupply within five years.

Why apples are finding themselves in hot water

Attendees at APAL’s post-harvest seminar in Shepparton this week will hear from eminent biologist and biotechnologist Gabriele Berg, who is head of the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology at TU Graz. Gabriele and her team have been able to significantly increase the shelf life of apples using a combination of hot water treatment and biocontrol organisms.

200,000 free mangoes

In an incredible act of generosity, a Queensland man is opening his orchard, donating his bumper crop of more than 200,000 mangoes to local charities and drought-affected communities.

Edete's pollination technology for almond market in California and Australia

Israeli agritech startup Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture has completed field trials in almond orchards in Israel using its mechanical pollen harvesting and pollination system

Queensland fruit fly destroys apricot harvest at Greensborough property

The dreaded Queensland fruit fly has devastated a “bumper crop” of apricots in Greensborough and the confirmed case has fruit growers in the Yarra Valley scrambling to protect their summer produce.

New Zealand cherries hit by poor weather

Cool temperatures and rain have combined to produce a less than ideal start to the New Zealand cherry season