There’s no rest against fruit fly pest

It’s a seasonal pest, but the fight against fruit fly is a year-round battle that never ends.

Six-figure funding fires up fight against THAT fly

If the supply of water gives life to the Goulburn Valley’s horticulture industry, then one program above all others targets a tiny, airborne threat to ensure it bears fruit.

Fruit fly a potential industry wrecking machine

Fruit fly is the world’s worst fruit pest and when it threatens our multi-billion dollar horticulture industries it is a risk which cannot be ignored

Naturalure: effective, easy fruit fly control

Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate from Corteva Agriscience, has emerged as a leading option in the fight against fruit fly in orchards and vine crops throughout the country.

Fruit fly symposium views a bold fruit fly future

Australia’s fruit fly system is complex, involving many different stakeholders working together to manage fruit fly risks for horticulture industries.

Weather events impact Goulburn Murray Valley

Orchardists in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley region have grappled with the devasting impacts of several extreme weather events throughout the growing season, as climatic conditions prove ideal for Queensland fruit fly.

Good orchard hygiene breaks Qfly lifecycle

The Goulburn Murray Valley Fruit Fly Area Wide Management Program is supporting growers in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley region to ensure all commercial orchards have an active pest management strategy and are practising good orchard hygiene.

Imposter fruit fly!

The article titled: ‘Insights into fruit fly behaviour and control’ which appeared in AUSTRALIAN Tree Crop December/January 2023 included a table on page 25 containing an image labelled: Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) Bactrocera tryoni.

Education driving down fruit fly numbers

The area wide management of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley remains a focal point for the region, with increased education cited as critical in driving down fruit fly numbers and achieving a sustainable management model.

Fruit tree removal helps rid fruit fly in GMV

The removal of fruit fly habitat in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley region has impacted on fruit fly activity by disrupting potential habit.

Autumn fruit flies and warm spring: high risk

Bronwyn Koll expects another high-pressure fruit fly season (2022–2023) given several factors.

Fruit fly control major focus in recent years

Controlling fruit fly has become a major focus on the 500 hectares of citrus orchards of the Nutrano Produce Group in the Sunraysia region at Mildura.

Planning an area-wide fruit fly program

Now is the time to plan your fruit fly area-wide program, before the insects commence a new season of activity, Richard Bull writes.

Queensland fruit fly area wide management

The Goulburn Murray Valley Fruit Fly Area Wide Management (FFAWM) Program has been monitoring rural and urban Queensland fruit fly (QFF) trapping grids established across the Goulburn Murray Valley (GMV) region In Victoria for five years.

A cherry on top...

Well, we know birds don’t help with biological control of sawflies and, beneficial wasps aren’t ‘traitors’ either. This pretty much leaves it up to you, the grower, to do something, Ion Staunton writes.