GUSS goes electric in orchard industry

JOHN Deere and GUSS Automation have unveiled what they call the world’s first, and only, fully electric autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer.

Go nuts over this big little unit

The OB70R through Nut Solutions Australia, is billed as the smallest ride-on pick-up/collecting machine with an extendable hydraulic arm for high-level emptying.

Greentech reaches to profitability

In the orchard industry it’s all about reach – after all, if left alone, some trees can get pretty tall. Take macadamias. Forget about them for five minutes (or 30-odd years) and they can go 20m.

Automation to revolutionise the future

YOU own a large scale, remote vineyard and you’ve found the operator from heaven, who can manage the mowing, mulching, trimming, spraying.

Big new in small JD tractors – and GUSS

JOHN Deere has rolled out its big guns in the smaller tractor, with its new 5ML tractor making its Australian debut at a Mildura high value crop (HVC) field day in early October.

Transtak expands its range of bin trailers

Transtak Engineering and Equipment continues to expand and improve the Transtak range of fruit bin trailers and bin handling equipment.

Robot spraying could transform the almond industry

One operator can oversee five machines from a control vehicle using a laptop.

Monitoring now bundled with frost fans

The quietest frost fans on the market.