Helping growers compete in a changing world

In the 40 years that the Australian Nurseryman’s Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC) has been in operation, it has imported nearly 1800 fruit varieties and rootstocks.

Demonstrated success for almond aeration

The Agriculture Victoria team at the Mildura SmartFarm, in collaboration with Harveston Aeration Solutions and under the guidance of Dr Zelmari Coetzee, have successfully demonstrated the drying of wet almonds using ambient aeration.

On-the-go orchard fruit harvest quality sensing

Innovative research into fruit quality at harvest within an orchard block will make management, traceability and pack-out performance more effective for the apple, pear and stone fruit industries.

Research explores wider fungicide effectiveness

Independent field research is set to continue into the wider effectiveness of key fungicides against various disease complexes in macadamias.

Miravis Prime trusted fungicide in blueberries

Aaron and Harmeet Singh, blueberry growers-turned-rural merchandisers on the NSW North Coast, have steadily built a clientele based upon the trusted recommendation of quality products with proven results.

Setting up for a fruitful orchard season

Research published in NSW DPI’s Orchard plant protection guide 2022 has shown that any weed growth in the first three months after planting will reduce tree growth.

Prepare for the next El Niño with AquiMax

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a 70% chance of El Niño in 2023, moving out of the neutral phase. Climate model forecasts suggest significant effects on Australia's primary producers. It is time for growers to consider the impact and costs associated with irrigation water.

Impact of tree density on water and nitrogen use

The Australian almond industry has expanded from 7038 ha to 60,463 ha since 2006, with most plantings being irrigated with efficient drip systems.

Mineral mapping for more robust avocados

Mineral nutrition of horticultural crops is crucial for high productivity and good quality produce. Well-fertilised plants are more resilient against adverse environments and disease (Lahav and Kadman 1980).

AgPick seeks growers’ input on analytics project

Australian agritech provider AgPick Technology is calling on growers to input into a six-month analytics development project in a bid to empower them with better tools to enable data-driven decisions.