Early pest detection linked to eradication

With a coastline of 60,000 kilometres and almost 30,000 commercial and recreational beekeepers, Australia offers a variety of pathways for exotic pests to enter the country and multiple opportunities for beekeepers to detect them.

No matter the crop, pests are the same

The ‘Know your Pest’ article each issue was aimed at a pest and mentioned the crops usually under attack; this time we start with the crop(s).

Imposter fruit fly!

The article titled: ‘Insights into fruit fly behaviour and control’ which appeared in AUSTRALIAN Tree Crop December/January 2023 included a table on page 25 containing an image labelled: Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) Bactrocera tryoni.

Education driving down fruit fly numbers

The area wide management of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Valley remains a focal point for the region, with increased education cited as critical in driving down fruit fly numbers and achieving a sustainable management model.

Carbon offset funding for CQ Pongamia project

Last August, California-based Terviva established a 9.5ha Pongamia research and development site in Emerald in Queensland.

Guide to plant sampling on Fertcare site

Getting plant and soil sampling right is fundamental to the development of evidence based nutrient management plans for fertilizer and soil amendments.

Australian Tree Crop Map now featuring truffles!

The Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) with support from AgriFutures Australia and Truffle Producers Western Australia Inc have engaged the University of New England’s Applied Agriculture Remote Sensing Centre (AARSC) to map the locations and extent of all truffières across Australia.

Transtak expands its range of bin trailers

Transtak Engineering and Equipment continues to expand and improve the Transtak range of fruit bin trailers and bin handling equipment.

Speciality crops attract special pests

Persimmons are a delicious fruit. The trees are attacked by a pest that doesn’t normally appear to bother other tree crops, says entomologist Dr Ion Stauton.

Persimmon industry gains momentum in Australia

The Australian Persimmon industry is kicking off the start of the 2023 season.

Managing fungal diseases in berry crops

Botrytis grey mould is a common disease facing berry growers, making the recent registration of Miravis Prime fungicide vitally important from both a production and resistance management perspective.

50 years of growing at Lewis Horticulture

Lewis Horticulture is an industry leading Australian owned production nursery providing superior genetic selections of Mediterranean tree crops, together with specialist knowledge and skills for growing pomegranates, high density olives, and figs.

Do higher density plantings lift yield?

The field of computational modelling has advanced significantly in recent years as information technology, in-field data and plant modelling software have been cleverly combined to develop greater confidence in models, including a visual twist!

Factors affecting total kernel recovery

Being able to maximise total kernel recovery is the ‘flagship number’ of growing macadamias, as it is one of the determinants of the yield and profitability of the orchard.

App tracks pruning per piece to boost profits

With the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) changes to the Horticulture Award coming into effect last April, many growers have put piece rates in the ‘too hard basket’, but there are still many advantages so long as you have the right tools for the job.