The ‘Most Wanted’ list of tree crop bugs!

Depending on where you grow and the tree crop(s) you grow, find out who makes the ‘Most Not Wanted’ pests list.

New Varroa detections expand red zone

NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) tracing and surveillance work has confirmed two new detections of Varroa mite, as field officers continue hive inspections with beekeepers across the state.

Almond Conference a success

Over 550 people flocked to the 2022 Australian Almond Conference for three days of networking, presentations and exhibitions in Adelaide recently.

Macadamia crop beats forecast

Australian macadamia growers have recovered from the record rains and flooding in NSW and South East Queensland earlier this year to produce a higher than anticipated crop of 52,974 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (56,800 tonnes in-shell @ 10% moisture).

From the editor

Well, the roller coaster ride of agriculture continues, with another year of floods and the impacts of global disruptions – this time, not COVID, but the Ukrainian war, editor David Petrikas writes.

Grochem gets organic tick

Organic growers can rely on products from Grochem Australia to help manage weeds and pests in their orchards.

ABC takes your spray diary online

The old adage of “it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is out-of-date in today’s landscape where every opportunity for automation and increased efficiency should be explored.

Fencing Clip a 'No brainer!'

Davo’s Fencing Clip continues to make inroads in the trellised fruit growing sector with major orchards across four states taking up the simple technology to hold their trellis wires easily and securely.

Bayer podcast series popular

Agriculture is a busy place at the best of times, so cutting through the noise to deliver concise, relevant information is a challenge.

Rat solution in macadamias

Controlling rats in macadamia orchards used to be very tricky. Infestations are generally quite hard to detect until they have already caused significant damage and loss.

Angler trap targets Carpophilus beetle

Grochem offers a new trapping system for Carpophilus beetle – a major pest in ripening stone and pome fruit.

Australia’s cherry sector in growth phase

Australia’s cherry sector is in an expansion phase, with growing consumer appetite for the fruit locally and in export markets.

Sivanto prime tough on pests but not predators

Especially in wet seasons like 2022, horticultural pest and disease pressure in the Wide Bay area of Queensland can be very high.

Getting it ‘done’ should mean getting it ‘right’

In tree, vines and trellised vegetables crops, product application rates based on ground area, expressed as rate of product per hectare, were once considered satisfactory but can easily result in the grower either underdosing or overdosing crops with product.

Apple industry welcomes miticide with new MOA

After increased mite pressure in apple orchards in recent seasons and more than a decade since a new mode of action miticide has been introduced, a new product hitting the shelves always was going to be a valuable addition for growers’ control programs.